Hoëvet-weipoeier in kalfmelkvervangers: b) die rol van proteïn : energieverhoudings

Author: W.P. Henning
Year: 1982
Issue: 1
Volume: 12
Page: 15 - 20

The effect of protein : energy ratio’s in milk replacers based on whey powder as the main energy source was studied. In a digestion-balance trial 9 milk replacers containing decreasing levels of crude protein but increasing levels of high fat whey powder were fed to 45 Friesian bull calves in a set of 9 treatments. A protein rich calf starter concentrate (18%) was available ad libitum. Concentrate intake, nitrogen digestibility and nitrogen retention were significantly influenced by the protein content and the protein:energy ratio in the milk replacers. The percentage apparent N digestibility and the efficiency of N retention decreased linearly when less than 18% of the DE in the milk replacer was derived from protein. The apparent optimum protein content of 2l% as well as the optimum protein:energy ratio of 9,99 g DCP per MJ DE were achieved with a mixture containing 60% high fat whey powder and 40% skimmed milk powder.

Keywords: calves, high fat whey powder, milk replacer, protein:energy
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