Invloed van fisiese vorm van mielies en kuilvoerinsluting op benutting van afrondingsdiëte deur vleisbeeste

Author: H.J. van der Merwe, G. Jordaan, W.A. Kottler & J.N. Swart
Year: 1989
Issue: 2
Volume: 19
Page: 62 - 66

Effect of substituting maize meal with rolled and whole maize respectively, in a finishing diet for beef cattle containing 20% maize silage (dry matter basis), was investigated. The inclusion of whole maize in a diet without silage was also investigated. Whole maize compared to maize meal resulted in a significantly (P<0,05) lower metabolizable energy content in diets containing 20% silage. A higher (P <0,01) metabolizable energy content was observed when whole maize was included in a diet without silage. The replacement of maize meal and rolled maize with whole maize in the silage-containing diet resulted in a highly significantly (P<0,01) lower metabolizable energy intake. No significant (P>0,05) differences in terms of metabolizable energy intake of steers were found between the two whole-maize diets. A non-significant (P>0,05) reduction in live mass gain and efficiency of feed conversion was observed on the diets containing silage, with an increase in the coarseness of the grain. The feeding of whole maize without silage resulted in a non-significantly (P>0,05) higher live mass gain and a highly significantly (P<0,01) better feed conversion. No significant differences (P>0,05) in carcass mass, dressing percentage and grading were found between the various treatments.



Keywords: beef cattle, finishing diets, Maize, physical form
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