Recent research into the production potential of indigenous cattle with special reference to the Sanga (Review)

Author: S.J. Schoeman
Year: 1989
Issue: 2
Volume: 19
Page: 55 - 61

A review based on recent research is presented on the production of Sanga (Nguni) cattle in South and South West Africa . The high calving rate of Sanga cattle (89,6%) compared to an average of 77,4% of four other breeds was the most outstanding feature. Nguni heifers reached puberty much earlier (349,9 days) than Bonsmara (419,0 days) and Drakensberger (407,2 days) breeds. Low calving losses were evident even with an early mating system (12 months). Indigenous cattle breeds are more tick resistant and may possibly be more efficient in production than exotic breeds. Evaluation of indigenous breeds in crossbreeding systems owing to their outstanding maternal performance is recommended.


Keywords: Calving rate, Efficiency, indigenous cattle, Nguni, Production, Sanga
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