Lambing results obtained with imported Ile de France ram semen (Short communication)

Author: J.A.N. Grobbelaar & J.J. Joubert
Year: 1986
Issue: 4
Volume: 16
Page: 219 - 220

Two batches of Ile de France ram semen frozen in 0,5 ml straws were imported from France during April 1979 and September 1981. Ewes were synchronized and artificial insemination was carried out either 54,5 h (fixed time single insemination) after sponge withdrawal, or with a double insemination, 12 h after the onset of oestrus as identified by teaser rams followed by a second insemination 12 h later (December 1982). Acceptable lambing percentages of 62,5 and 54,2% for the two batches were obtained for the first of a series of inseminations after arrival, but a significant (P < 0,01) decline in lambing percentages (25,0 and 27,5% respectively) was obtained after 15 – 20 months storage at -196 °C. There was no significant difference in the fertility obtained for a single or double insemination.



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