‘n Vergelykende studie van vismeel, sonneblomoliekoekmeel en formaldehiedbehandelde sonneblomoliekoekmeel as proteien supplement

Author: H. de Wet & J. Grobler
Year: 1976
Issue: 1
Volume: 6
Page: 41 - 48

A comparative study of fish meal, sunflower oilcake meal and formaldehyde treated sunflower oilcake meal as protein supplements for sheep Whilst the nitrogen in six low protein high energy supplements (14 % CP) to sour grass-veld hay originated from either fish meal, sunflower oilcake meal (SB), formaldehyde treated sunflower oilcake meal (SSB) or urea, the energy was supplied as maize meal in the ratio of 50 g maize meal to every gram of nitrogen in the nitrogen sources. Urea-N contributed one- or two-thirds of the total nitrogen supplied by the N-sources, With the exception of one treatment, roughage intake was sufficient to contribute to a ration which met the maintenance requirement of nitrogen and energy. Nitrogen utilization was maximised when two-thirds of the SS8-N was substituted by urea-No In a separate veld trial with dry ewes, identical supplements resulted in again in live mass over a period of 56 days, Wool production, in terms of fibre diameter, was maintained or improved.


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