Proteïenbronne in die rantsoene van groeiende varke 2. ‘n Vergelyking tussen vismeel en karkasmeel

Author: G.A. Smith, E.H. Kemm en M.N. Ras
Year: 1975
Issue: 2
Volume: 5
Page: 85 - 88

Protein sources in the diets of growing pigs: 2. A comparison between fish meal and carcass meal

Thirty-six weaner Landrace x Large White crossbred pigs were used in an experiment conducted to determine to what extent fish meal can be replaced by carcass meal as a protein supplement in pig growth diets. The experimental treatments consisted of three diets in which fish meal was partially replaced on a protein basis by 0,0%, 5,6% or 11,0% carcass meal. The inclusion of 11,0% carcass meal resulted in a slight reduction in growth rate but in a significant reduction in feed conversion. The physical as well as the chemical composition of the carcasses was unaffected by the treatments imposed.


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