‘n Vergelyking tussen mieliekuilvoer, stoekmielies en ryp mielieplante

Author: H.J. van der Merwe, M. von la Chevallerie, A. P. van Schalkwyk en J.J.Jaarsma
Year: 1977
Issue: 1
Volume: 7
Page: 15 - 20

Maize silage, stover and ripe maize plants were compared with one another in respect to dry matter yield and dry matter losses. These feeds were also used in metabolism and production studies. Whereas 8,63% of the original harvested dry matter was lost in the silo, the comparable field losses for stover amounted to 13,33% and for ripe plants to 34.9%. No remarkable differences in chemical composition were found between the original plant matter, the silage, the stover and the mature plants. In metabolism studies with sheep, the lowest dry matter intake was obtained with silage, whilst the highest intake was obtained on stover. The highest digestible energy values were, however, recorded on silage feeding. The production study with oxen showed that the feeding of silage proved to be more efficient with regard to increase in body mass, dressing percentage, carcass mass and total income.

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