Proteïenbronne in die rantsoene van groeiende varke 3. ‘n Vergelyking tussen vismeel en afgeroomde melk

Author: G.A. Smith, E.H. Kemm en M.N. Ras
Year: 1977
Issue: 1
Volume: 7
Page: 1 - 6

The study was conducted to replace fish meal partially as protein source in the rations of growing pigs. In the first trial fish meal was partially replaced with skim milk powder, while liquid skim milk was used to partially replace fish meal in the second trial. The influence of this replacement on the growth, efficiency of food utilization and carcass composition of porkers was investigated. The results of these trials indicated that fish meal could be partially replaced with skim milk on an equivalent protein and energy basis without having a significant effect on growth and carcass composition.

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