Polymorphism of the αas1-casein, κ-casein and ß-lactoglobulin genes in the Hungarian Milk Goat

Author: Gy. Veress, Sz. Kusza, Zs. Bősze, S. Kukovics and A. Jávor
Year: 2004
Issue: 5
Volume: 34
Page: 20 - 23

The type and frequency of goat milk protein alleles have not yet been studied in Hungary. Here we report the initial, partial characterization of allelic polymorphisms of αs1-, к-casein and β-lactoglobulin genes in a herd of Hungarian Milk Goat based on published RFLP-PCR and AS-PCR methods. Experiments are in progress to confirm and extend the caprine milk protein genotype data and to evaluate its influence on milk quality.

Keywords: Polymorphism, αs1-casein, к-casein and ß-lactoglobulin genes
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