The chemical composition and nutritive value of kikuyu pasture (Short communication)

Author: T.J. Dugmore & J.H. du Toit
Year: 1988
Issue: 2
Volume: 18
Page: 72 - 75

The relationship between the chemical composition of kikuyu and the dry matter intake (DMI), digestibility of the chemical fractions and digestible organic matter (DOM) of kikuyu was investigated. The chemical composition and in vivo digestibility of kikuyu were determined throughout the growing season using six steers per digestion trial. A total of 17 digestion trials were conducted over three seasons. The DOM values for the kikuyu ranged from 56 – 64% on a dry matter basis. No significant relationship could be for any of the chemical fractions on DOM, whereas the relationship between crude protein (CP) and digestible crude protein (DCP) was explained by the equation: DCP (%) = 0,864 CP (%) – 3,494; r = 0,991; P < 0,001. The DMI of kikuyu was negatively correlated to the non-protein nitrogen content of the herbage (r = -0,78; P < 0,05). Milk production data have not substantiated the relatively high DOM values recorded over the season, particularly in autumn.





Keywords: dry matter intake, Kikuyu, milk production, Nutritive value
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