The effect of supplementation on milk yield in Boer goat ewes

Author: J.G. Raats
Year: 1988
Issue: 3
Volume: 18
Page: 97 - 100

The effect of supplementation on the milk production of Boer goat ewes maintained under veld conditions (grass-/bush community) was studied over a 12-week lactation period. An average of 625 g concentrates was consumed per ewe per day. Supplemented ewes produced on average 11,5% (= 0,235 l/day) more milk than the control group during the 12-week period (P < 0,01). The milk composition over the 12-week period was not significantly (P > 0,05) affected by supplementation. The supplemented group lost 4,38 kg in body mass per ewe compared to 9,93 kg for the control group. Period of occupation per camp, irrespective of whether they received supplementation or not, seems to be a major factor affecting milk production of goat ewes on natural veld


Keywords: goats, milk production, Supplementation
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