The efficacy of a 10% aqueous Neem (Azadirachta indica) seed extract for tick control in small East African and Toggenburg femal

Author: L.M.J Schwalbach, J.P.C Greyling and M. David
Year: 2003
Issue: 2
Volume: 33
Page: 83 - 88

The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the efficacy of Neem seed extract (10% water solution) for tick control in goats in the Kilimanjaro area of Tanzania. Eighteen Small East African (SEA) and Toggenburg (TB) female goat kids between 2.5 and 4 months of age were used in the trial. Goats were divided into 2 similar groups according to age, body weight and breed composition. Ten treated kids (n=6 SEA and n=4 TB goats) and 8 controls (n=4 SEA and n=4 TB goats) were housed in separate pens for shelter at night, but grazed/browsed together during the day on natural pastures infested with adult and immature ticks. The Neem-treated group was hand sprayed weekly (spot treatment) with a 10% aqueous solution of Neem seed extract to the following regions: perineum, udder, ears and sternum at a rate of 10 ml/kg body weight. The control animals were sprayed weekly with water (10 ml/kg body weight) to the same sites. Neem-treated goat kids recorded significantly lower tick numbers than the control animals, with significantly lower tick numbers and tick bite abscesses in the indigenous SEA goats compared to the goats of the exotic, TB breed. Significantly higher tick infestations were recorded on both breeds of goats during the summer rainy season. It was concluded that Neem seed extract is effective in controlling ticks in goats. Further studies are necessary to fully understand the effect of Neem on ticks.

Keywords: goats, neem seed extract, Ticks
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