The microbiology of South African dried sausage

Author: W.H. Holzapfel and A.N. Hall
Year: 1976
Issue: 3
Volume: 6
Page: 199 - 206

Thirty dried sausage samples were examined microbiologically and physico-chemically. Ten specific organisms or groups of organisms were quantitatively determined and the presence of Salmonella only qualitatively. Large variations in the quality of the samples were found and are sufficiently demonstrated by the total counts which varied between 3,5 x 104 and 1,11 x 109 viable bacterial cells per gram. In 37 % of the samples Microbacterium thermosphactum could be detected. No apparent relationship between the numbers of the different organisms could be found. Salmonellas were isolated from 23 % of the samples. The water activity varied between 0,40 and 0,85 and the pH between 4,61 and 7,09. It is suggested that a maximum value for the water activity of dried sausage be specified. Furthermore, microbiological control should be introduced, especially for pathogenic bacterial.

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