The use of DPW at varying levels in cattle fattening rations

Author: J. Kargaard and B.D.H. van Niekerk
Year: 1978
Issue: 2
Volume: 8
Page: 143 - 147

4 Levels (0%, 4%, 8%, and 12% on a dry matter basis) of dried cage layer manure (DPW) were combined with either urea or sunflower oilcake meal to investigate the possibility of successfully including low levels.of DPW into cattle fattening rations. 88 Weaner steers were used in this 4 x 2 factorial study, 8 of which were slaughtered at the start of the trial in order that the initial carcass mass of the remaining animals could be estimated. When the main effects of urea and sunflower oilcake meal were compared, no significant differences in animal performance rates were evident. The inclusion of DPW resulted in a depression in animal performance, although this depression was only significant (P˂0,01) at the l2% level. Due to the lower ration costs the use of DPW, in place of sunflower oilcake meal was economically justified at present prices even at the l2% level of inclusion.

Keywords: fattening, Poultry waste, steers
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