Verskillende verhouding van mieliekuilvoere en kragvoer vir die vetmesting van speenkalwers

Author: H.J. van der Merwe, A.P. van Schalkwyk en L.J.J. van Rensburg
Year: 1978
Issue: 2
Volume: 8
Page: 137 - 142

Weaned Simmentaler steers were fed one of three basic rations viz. (l) silage ad lib.,(2) silage ad lib. + maize meal at l% of live mass and (3) 4 kg silage + maize meal ad lid. In addition each of these basic rations was supplemented by one of two concentrates which were composed as follows: A. 100 parts maize meal, 75 parts groudnut oil cake meal, 25 parts fishmeal and 10 parts urea at 1 kg per sheet per day, B. 96 parts lucerne meal and 4 parts urea at I,8 kg per steer per day. Each of the resulting six rations was fed to a group of ten steers. The highest DM intake occured where steers were fed maize meal at l% of live mass. This resulted in a significantly (P < 0,01) higher live mass gain as compared to the treatment receiving no grain. Nolike silage/concentrate price ratio, feed/meat price ratio, quality of silage, composition of concentrate, availability of feed and mass and condition of animals as well as breed of cattle.

Keywords: Silage-concentrate rations, weaners
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